Blue Donuts Decoractive Toilet Plunger




SIMPLE AND CLEANLY STORAGE: The plunger set is easy to store in any location. The canister allows for proper and cleanly storage for the plunger, ultimately preventing the plunger from touching other household products. Simple lift and go quick technique!
QUICK DRYING AND ODOR FREE: The aeration holes in the canister allow for air to circulate through the canister to quickly dry the plunger eliminating odorous smells. Any and all excess water is stored in the drip pan located on the canister.
POWERFUL AND EASY TO USE: The strong plunger head is a multi-use plunger. It works on all toilets (including low flush) and bath tub drains. The comfortable grip and secure plunger head is made from industrial rubber to form a tight seal on drains.
ELEGANT AND FUNCTIONAL: The attractive design makes our plunger more visually appealing. Sometimes not recognized as a plunger it adds an elegant addition to any bathroom. The arm is a longer length allowing a more effective plunge.
COMPACT TOILET PLUNGER: Space saving design allows this bronze plunger with holder to fit into tight bathroom areas making it hidden from the view and there when needed. Fits perfectly in smaller spaces where storage is limited.

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