Electrical Plug Protectors Set of Outlet Covers Baby Proof Your Home’s Electrical Sockets – 36 Pcs by All4baby


Tired of spending all of your time worrying about your baby’s safety?

Sick of sleepless nights imagining everything that could possibly go wrong with your most valuable bundle of joy?

Take a break from all of those worries with All4baby’s outlet covers! Our ultimate outlet plugs prevent serious electrical injuries, so your baby is free to play and you’re free from worry, at last.

Some outlet covers require tools and time to install, others never seem to match your outlet plates, and the rest are made from flimsy plastic that makes them easily fall out of place.

That’s why when we designed our All4baby plug covers we thought of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our clear covers match any interior design, and are nearly invisible to young eyes. Plus, they’re made of durable plastic, so they’ll last and stay exactly where you put them.

With your All4baby order you’ll receive:
♥ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
– Our customer service department is dedicated to making sure you love your All4baby products.
36 Clear Outlet Plugs for U.S.A. Sockets – Enough to cover most of your home’s electrical sockets, while clear plastic makes them go unnoticed by babies and young children.
Incredible Two-Year Warranty – These outlet covers are made of sturdy plastic, so they’re built to last for years of protecting your family.
Easy Installation – Secure all of your home’s electrical outlets in a breeze.
Extra-Protective Design – Though our plug covers are easy to install, their extra-tight design makes them stay put in the face of curious little fingers.
PEACE OF MIND – Break free of your constant worries by using All4baby plug covers to protect fingers and objects from entering electrical outlets.

Get your peace of mind, TODAY! Add your All4baby plug covers to your cart and breathe a sigh of relief!
KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE – We know how much you love your baby, but we also know how many stresses new parents have. That’s why we made our electrical plug covers, so you can stop worrying about accidental electrical shock and start focusing on what matters most.
EASY-TO- INSTALL – Quickly and easily install each outlet protector. Instead of wasting hours installing complicated outlet covers baby proofing your home forever, All4baby protectors are easy to place and remove as your family grows.
BABYPROOF YOUR HOME -With each All4baby plug cover baby proofing and child proofing your home only takes minutes. Our 36-piece set may be all you need to make your home a baby-safe environment.
MATCH ANY DECOR – Our outlet covers are clear, so they blend seamlessly into your home’s design. Stop trying to match your outlet protector to your outlet plate, unlike solid-colored outlet plugs. Plus, our out covers clear color makes them nearly invisible to curious babies and children!
SIMPLE FOR YOU, IMPOSSIBLE FOR BABY – Protect your baby and children from electrical hazards with our safety plugs. Though our electrical outlet covers are easy for you to install, their extra-tight design makes them very difficult for your kids to remove.

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