Weller SP23LK 25-Watt Soldering Iron

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Ideal For Hobbies, Kits, Radios and Electronics Work
New Indicator Light Allows User To Instantly See That The Iron Is On
Featherweight Iron With Pencil Handle

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For hobbies, kits and radios. Stainless steel barrel with heat and impact resistant pencil handle. With on/off indicator light. Contains No.SP23 soldering iron, three 1/8″ diameter nickel-plated copper iron tips, lead-free solder, and soldering aid tool. Tips develop 750 degrees Fahrenheit and include No.MT1 cone-shaped, No.MT2 screwdriver, and No.MT3 chisel tips. Helpful hints and instructions on card. 8-1/4″L, 120 Volts, 25 watts, 50/60 Hz. U.L. Listed.
The Weller SP23LK Marksman 25-Watt Soldering Iron Kit has everything you need to get started soldering. An ideal choice for hobbies, crafts, and small electronics work, the kit contains a soldering iron, stand, nickel-plated tips, solder, and soldering aid. The featherweight soldering pencil is comfortable and easy to use for even the most inexperienced hobbyist, and the high-temperature heating element with on/off indicator light lets you know when it’s safe to start soldering. The heat- and impact-resistant handle protects your hand during use and also helps keep your hand in a comfortable working position.

Ideal Soldering Kit for Hobbies and Electronics
The SP23LK Marksman Soldering Iron Kit contains everything needed to get started soldering right out of the box. Its 25-watt, 750-degree Fahrenheit heating element makes this kit an ideal choice for hobbies, crafts, kits, and electronics. The SP23L soldering iron’s small profile, lightweight design, and six-foot cord give you excellent control over your workpieces for utmost accuracy and precision.

The SP23LK Soldering Kit makes easy work of soldering speaker wires, fixing remote-control cars, making jewelry, assembling circuit boards, repairing radios, and more. Its durable stainless steel barrel resists corrosion for long-term performance, and its heat- and impact-resistant handle keeps you comfortable and in complete control at all times.

High-Quality Accessories for Versatile Performance
The SP23LK Soldering Kit contains three high-quality, replaceable 1/8-inch nickel-plated copper tips, including an MT1pencil point, MT2 flat screwdriver, and MT3 chisel. The kit also includes a soldering aid that you can use for better results and increased accuracy on intricate pieces.

Durable Design and Smart Features for Long-Term, Safe Use
The SP23L soldering iron is built to last with its stainless steel barrel and impact-resistant handle. Additionally, the nickel-plated tips with copper cores resist corrosion and protect against solder creep to help maintain the iron’s performance and longevity.

An indicator light lets you know when the iron is turned on, offering an added level of safety and convenience. The heat-resistant handle also adds to the safety of this tool by helping to prevent accidental burns. And the SP23L is UL-listed, which means that it meets independent safety standards. The kit is backed by a one-year warranty.

What’s in the Box
SP23L Solder Iron, three nickel-plated tips, one coil of lead-free solder, soldering aid, and user’s guide.

Ideal For Hobbies, Kits, Radios and Electronics Work
New Indicator Light Allows User To Instantly See That The Iron Is On
Featherweight Iron With Pencil Handle
Develops 750-Degree f/400-Degree c Temperature
Includes Mt1, Mt2 and Mt3 Tips, Lead-Free Solder and Soldering Aid Tool

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